Email to SMS Solutions
Wireless access to email, phone and other corporate content is not an extravagance for today’s mobile workers — it is a necessity. Mobility is clearly a strategic business advantage. Daily 214+ billion emails are exchanged worldwide and the demand for enterprise-based mobile messaging is growing at 108% annually. Wireless Intelligence published that 2.5 Billion mobile phones are currently in use and the majority of these are SMS or text messaging devices rather than the more expensive Smartphone alternatives such as iPhone and Blackberry.
Amika Mobile seeks to level the playing field for those users who want to enjoy the benefits of better targeted messaging without the hefty premiums. The idea behind Email to SMS is for these users to get the critical key content behind a message very quickly and text back a response or make a quick call. In addition, Amika Mobile’s Email-to-SMS solutions mobilize key content, regardless of the user device, messaging platform or carrier.
The Amika Mobility Server provides mobile users with access to email, phone, data, applications and the Internet from any SMS-enabled device. Our real-time solution is a fully scalable server that can be customized to meet the needs of any size enterprise. It greatly simplifies Email-to-SMS use. The most popular application of the Internet today is email. Amika Mobile’s Email to SMS service enables automated and intelligent forwarding of critical information from email accounts to SMS mobile devices anywhere in the world.
Amika Mobile products are unique in that they can take any content, analyze it and distil it to very few words but still provide a summary of what the original email or web page was all about. The products leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and abstract the salient meaning from email and web-based information. It is our belief that “pushing” all email and web-based information onto the micro-screens of today’s cell phones is not the right approach to deal with the flood of information that burdens and overloads users.
Amika Mobile has established a market niche for itself as no other company in the world has delivered an Email-to-SMS Solution that first ranks how important an email or web page is before extracting key content to be delivered to a micro-screen on a mobile phone or Blackberry. As such, we unburden users and allow them to only get critical email alerts that provide them with the key content of the message.
Benefits of Amika Mobile’s Email to SMS Solution:
Low cost per user
Email-to-SMS easy to set up
Email "Push" to any mobile phone
Seamless enterprise integration
Content optimized for mobile screen
Linux Software Server runs on any Hardware