Forward Email To SMS Text
Many people have asked in the last while how can they get their emails on a mobile phone? Of course, the mobile carriers are encouraging them all to use a service and a device such as a Blackberry, iPhone or Treo and sign up for a pricey data plan that can run as high as $70+ per month. That is overkill for what the typical user needs!
A lot of people are walking around with what could be called a vanilla-type mobile phone that supports SMS. SMS is text-based ‘Short Messaging Service’ that allows all the 2.5 Billion mobile phones to support packet-based text messaging. Typical users should not have to pay the fees that die-hard road warriors do for email with pricey devices and services. So, what are their options?
Well, they can extend their free email such as Gmail through Mobile Google or Yahoo Go. However, these services require a Java client on a featured phone to get the graphics. Don’t get us wrong - we love Java! But in this case, the cost of the phone goes up a lot to get that support. This means that most basic SMS devices, those using text messaging, are out of luck since they have to upgrade their phone and upgrade their service for data, adding a few hundred dollars for the phone and $15+/month to their plan. OK, so how about these services that claims to do email push to SMS? Now, you’re talking! You have a number of choices here such as Visto, Emoze, Consillient, Teleflip, etc. as well as Amika Mobile’s which can be found at
The difference between all the other services and ours is that we allow you to limit what you get to the SMS phone to key content and do not force you to squeeze the 200 messages a day you get into your 2×2 inch micro screen! Think of it as that old saying “Just the facts Man”! So, you can get your key Yahoo! or Google mails through You can choose how many words (or characters - typically 1 SMS packet is 12 words or 120 chars). The emails go to an SMS gateway at the carrier and get packetized. Many carriers do not charge for the SMS packets you receive but only for those you send back as a reply. They either bundle this into a package giving you 100 replies a month or charge per SMS packet at a fraction of a penny per packet. You can get away with $5 to $10 per month on this.
So, the best advice Amika Mobile can forward is to get an Email to SMS service that minimizes the unsolicited emails you would get while mobile. You then sign up with the carrier to receive and reply to SMS on your basic phone. Now, you would be set to get email to go!