Personalized Email Summary To Mobile
Amika Mobile products are unique in that they take any content, analyze and distil it to key words that provide the essential information or meaning contained in the original email or web page. The products leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and abstract the salient meaning from email and web-based information. This effective use of artificial intelligence provides a personalized email summary to your mobile device. It is our belief that “pushing” all email and web-based information onto the micro-screens of today’s cell phones is not the right approach to deal with the flood of information that burdens and overloads users. We have thus established a market niche for ourselves as no other company in the world has delivered an Email-to-SMS solution that first ranks how important an email or web page is before extracting key content to be delivered to a micro-screen on a mobile phone or Blackberry. As such, we unburden users and allow them to only get critical email alerts that provide them with the important message. This technology is independent of the device, messaging platform or carrier.
Personalized email summaries to mobile devices constitutes the cornerstone of our philosophy as the discussion concerning the myths of wireless email highlights below:
Myth #1 - Stuff your Inbox into Your Mobile Phone or PDA - this is a terrible idea! How can you possibly fit into 2 inch x 2 inch micro screens the hundreds of messages you get at your desktop. Why would you want all that spam to follow you around? It is better to only have critical email follow you while mobile. This is intelligent mobile messaging.
Myth #2 - You cannot possibly expect to get key points of your email without getting the full message! This is a good myth. Typical emails are 2-3 paragraphs or around 150 to 200 words long. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology it is possible to pull out the key points of an email that are typically 15 to 20 words. These 15 words typically tell you what the message is about.
Myth #3 - You cannot secure wireless content including the key points in the email. This is definitely not true. Many companies provide encryption all the way to the device. Service providers even go further and allow the contents of mobile devices to be wiped out if lost or left behind in a taxi!
Myth #4 - Cell phones are not effective devices for wireless messaging. This is another great myth. There are now 2.5 Billion cell phones with people text messaging from them continuously. Cell phones are great communication devices and are great for receiving the key points of email providing users with a low cost alternative to the Blackberry or other expensive PDA. Email to SMS text messaging is a very credible alternative for most cell phone users.
Myth #5 - You can only get the key points of wireless email from select service providers. This is also untrue. A number of service providers including ones like allow any user from anywhere in the world to have critical email alerts follow them to any mobile phone, PDA or even desktop.